A little Jazzfest special for ya!

I'm going to be opening up for Jon Cleary tomorrow from 5:30 at Chickie Wah Wah. Music all night, the weather is perfect, come on out. 

Happy Jazzfest!


Had a great night to end the tour at The Blue Biscuit, on the hallowed turf of Indianola. Much gratitude to everyone who came out to the shows and bought CDs, and of course for the endless southern hospitality. Be back very soon.


Had an absolute ball at the Southbound Tavern in Helena last night, thanks to everyone for the warmth, I’ll be back soon.
En route to the last stop of the tour, The Blue Biscuit in Indianola tonight at seven, see you there!


A huge thanks to everyone who came out to Ground Zero last night. Tonight I’m at the Southbound Tavern in blues rich Helena Arkansas at 6:30. Come on out for some great food and laid back blues.


On the road. Mississippi is turning it on, Clarksdale tonight at 8.  Come on out for your blues fix!


Alright! Stoked to be heading up to the Delta in mid April for a little three date sojourn through blues country. The dates are:

-18th April - Ground Zero Blues Club, Clarksdale MS
-19th April - Southbound Tavern, Helena AR
-20th April - The Blue Biscuit, Indianola MS

Spread the word! Until then you can catch me and my regular Wednesday, 5:30 at Chickie Wah Wah.


Alright, just a heads up, doing a double tonight. First up is my regular Wednesday at Chickie Wah Wah from 5:30-7:30, then you can catch me at the Neutral Ground Coffee House from 9. 


The guitar is primed and ready for round two of the New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Fest. It all kicks off at 1 tomorrow and goes well into the night, all at the luxurious Frenchman Theatre. Gonna be a goodun!


Happy New Years tax dodgers! I'm gearing set lists and overdosing on practice, practice, practice. New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Festival kicks off tomorrow 6PM at Chickie Wah Wah! Come on and brave the cold.